Field Journal

Dr. Moledrum loves to capture events as they happen. Chronicling some of their most memorable moments on his online field journal helps with his research, as well as providing his colleagues a chance to keep up to date on his discoveries. Here you can find some of these moments, and enjoy their latest adventures. Be sure to check back often, because surprises lurk behind every corner!


Journal Entry #1

"As we made our way through Bigfoot XING, we spent many a day and night looking for clues. Most days we found nothing, and had to push through the frustration. Over time however, we had a few close encounters, and came mere moments from meeting these man-beasts. In many ways, it felt like they knew we were there, hot on their trail, and were teasing us in the process."



Journal Entry #2

"Field research can be tricky, as many great researchers know. Mistakes are made and lessons are learned. It's all part of the process. Many of the times we failed at were completely our fault. But we do our best, and learn as we go." 



Journal Entry #3  

"Tried and true research methods were always a part of our game plan. After all, why re-invent the wheel when so many of the greats have already perfected such techniques as setting up trail cameras, laying scent traps, placing apples on a tree stump, or my personal favorite - blasting sound recordings of Bigfoot howls into the valley late at night and then waiting for a response.  Note to self: It's always a good idea to keep your partner in the loop about when you're doing this, or else you can both end up looking pretty foolish." 



 Journal Entry #4

"Sure, searching for Bigfoot gets frustrating at times, and your body and mind get worn out from the effort. But we are world class researchers, and we continue on through the struggles, the mistakes and the long days and nights. We go on, because we know they're out there. And one day we'll look back on this with a big smile and a laugh.  At least I hope..." 



Journal Entry #5

 "Sometimes nature can toss you a curve ball, and throw even the greatest researchers off their game. It's at this moment that you have to think outside the box - to look at things in a different way. Let's face it, Bigfoot is  an enigma, a living mystery waiting to be solved. Indeed, the clues were always there, hinting that maybe things are not as they seem. Nature sure can make a guy look foolish at times."



Journal Entry #6

 "When the moment comes, when you finally come face-to-face with the object you have been chasing for so long, it can be life changing. The chills that travel up your spine, the way the hairs on your arms rise up, and the breath that suddenly leaves your lungs - it's something you will never forget. So when this moment comes, make sure that you have your camera ready, because that moment many never come again.



 Journal Entry #7

"Having our first Bigfoot encounter indeed changed our lives, and made us better researchers in the process. For instance, we discovered how, when and where these magnificent beasts traveled throughout the day, and where they rested at night. We noticed patterns in their behavior, and that these amazing creatures were as curious as they were shy. And that not all Bigfoot are big..."



Journal Entry #8

"Well, at least some of these amazing creatures were curious. Some were just plain big, nasty, and mean. One more note to self: pack extra band aids and pain reliever next time... Just in case. 



 Journal Entry #9

"As Barnaby and I staked out an old, washed-out riverbed where we had previously found footprints of various sizes, we happened to see Patty, the female Bigfoot captured in the Patterson-Gimlin film from many years ago. She looked great for her age, but she did look a bit, well... different. Glad she hadn't let fame get to her head..."



Journal Entry #10

"As we hit our stride, finding Bigfoot was becoming easier, and we were soon able to focus on just how diverse these creatures truly were. Each one seemed to have it's own personality, appearance, intelligence and habits - good ones and bad..."



  Journal Entry #11

 "We found that Bigfoot, like mankind, had a long and storied history. They had their own stories, fears, hopes and joys. They had ups and downs, good days and bad, but most importantly, they had family that cared."



Journal Entry #12

"It's hard to believe that a full year has passed since we first entered Bigfoot XING, not knowing what we would find. It's been a tough year, but one full of surprises and moments that will last us a lifetime. We found Bigfoot, and their living relatives the Yeti as well. We learned many things about them, and that they are more intelligent, curious, and interesting than we ever imagined. That they are as varied as human beings, and as individual as a snowflake. That they exist in small numbers in places around the world, and closer to your backyard than you may think. As Barnaby, Rufus and I head back to our homes and jobs, we look forward to next season when we will come back to Bigfoot XING to explore it's many mysteries, and spend more time learning about these amazing creatures. Until then, I hope you keep dreaming your best dreams, and keep your mind wide open to a world with endless possibilities."



Until next season! 

Your truly,

Dr. Cliff Moledrum