Our Fearless Researchers

Dr. Cliff Moledrum: Famed Bigfoot researcher and Professor of Foot Stuff at the Prestigious Idunno State University. 

Dr. Moledrum is a well respected authority on all-things Cryptid, and he has been known to spend many days out in the wilderness, looking for evidence for the king of all Cryptids known as Bigfoot. It was on one of these fateful expeditions that he came upon Bigfoot XING, and had his first official sighting of one of these hairy bipeds.

Quickly deciding to devote more time and effort to the subject, Dr. Moledrum reached out to a living legend - a man with a long, rich history of tracking down his prey, no matter the circumstance. This man, who needs no introduction, is none other than Barnaby McNutt.



Barnaby McNutt: A true legend in his own time, Barnaby has been all over the world tracking down some of the most elusive creatures ever known to man.  

Have you ever heard of the Rhino-Faced Pink Butterfly?  Many people haven't - but Barnaby caught over 13 of them in one day... and all before lunch! His sixth sense, quick reflexes, and keen eyesight helped him discover things others had simply missed. Unfortunately, his best days are far behind him... or are they?

Long since retired, Barnaby decided to dust off his old Pith helmet and clean his glasses for one final mission - to track down the most elusive creature of all. These creatures are affectionately known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch and the Yeti. Pulling on his vest and tightening his belt, Barnaby left his cozy cottage in London, England to help his longtime friend Dr. Moledrum with his quest. But Barnaby did not leave alone - he also brought along his best friend and partner, Rufus.



Rufus the Dog: The smallest pup in a litter of seven, Rufus had to scratch and fight for his survival from the very beginning.

Last to be born, last in line, and last to dinner, Rufus quickly discovered he had to use his brains to get ahead. Leaving his family for good at 6 months old, Rufus ended up in a local park and lived under a large growth of berry bushes. One fateful day, while foraging for food, he was spotted by Barnaby, who was eating lunch on a near by bench. 

Barnaby watched this hungry little pup as he sniffed around the area looking for food. Tossing him a piece of his sandwich, Rufus quickly snatched it with his teeth before disappearing back into the brush. Later that night, and under the cover of darkness, Barnaby returned to the area and tracked down the helpless little pup, who was fast asleep - alone and shivering from the cold. Gently picking him up, Barnaby brought Rufus back to his home and placed him on a soft blanket by the warmth of a cozy fire. There he gave him food and water, and adopted the pup as his own. In time, the two became inseparable, and you can find Rufus with Barnaby for every adventure. Whether it be on a simple trip to the store, helping Barnaby find his glasses, or tracking down the world's most dangerous animals, Rufus is always there at his side, giving his best - a true assistant, tracking dog, and loyal friend.